Web 3.0

Decentralized but united services.
We help Web3 services to grow with marketing support.


We know it is the future.
And only with good IP and relationships makes Metaverse success in both real/virtual world.
Leave it to Metap.


Metap helps you create your own NFT.
Also we provide channels for the NFT markets.


With Web3.0 and blockchain network, everyone could easily enter the Metaverse with UNIQUE identity. You could be real SELF in Metaverse. With Web3.0 we could make our data controlled by ourselves and connect to different worlds. METAP aims for the leader in Metaverse. Let’s fly with us.

About Us

CEO Maxi Kuan

Metap Inc. Founder CEO
Gensokishi Online -Meta World- Founder CEO
Blockcast Japan Market Consultant
C CHANNEL ex-Greater China Director
We’re in a fast-changing world which on a turning point with Web3 and Metaverse, also NFT and DeFi/GameFi. Metap’s mission is to be a pioneer at the Web3 generation and challenge everything you could image. Decentralized but UNITE, that’s how we do it. Let’s make it together.

Contact Us
Levels 18, No. 206, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 11071